Scouting Report: Athletes On The Rise

The development of athletes is always an interesting sight, and especially when those players take the next step to the superstar level. We here at OnSmash decided to break down the next crop of players who are ready to make that jump and are sure to be household names.

Included in the list is a range of players from baseball, football and basketball who already have huge impacts but look ready to shine on the greatest level. Not only do these players standout on the individual level but they all improve the rest of their teams.

The 10 players that we selected are sure to be standout’s and have immediate impacts in their respective sports for many years to come. We have scouted each of them and broke down all of the strong points of their games. The beauty of this list is that they all have different things that they are all great at.

Also for your viewing pleasure we have included some highlights for each player if you need to see the greatness. Enjoy, discuss and debate!

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