BEING: Mike Tyson (Episode 1)

Click image to watch Fox Sports 1 “Being: Mike Tyson” episode 1.

FOX Sports Originals’ Emmy Award-nominated “Being” series returns for another season, this time featuring “Iron” Mike Tyson. Tyson is featuring in a six part all-access documentary series, giving viewers a first look into the private life of the champ. In comparison to most documentaries, instead of reflecting on his past, we’re shown a cinematic look into Mike’s present; including his current personal battles with alcoholism and substance abuse, which he’s looking to remain healthy and sober.

Episode one is centered on Evander Holyfield and the infamous ear biting incident, which the two discuss their past encounters that would actually lead to a real friendship. Last month, Tyson formed “Iron Mike Productions” with Acquinity Sports Interactive CEO Garry Jonas, which he’s looking to clean up the sport of boxing from corrupt promoters.

Holyfield’s son is featured in the episode also, as Tyson offers advice in an amateur boxing match before things conclude. Look for future BEING series featuring Mariano Rivera and Dan Marino, but for now enjoy episode 1 of Iron Mike after the jump.

UPDATE: New Video Added!

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