The Best Nate Dogg-Featured Songs


Maybe we mentioned in an earlier post, but just recently, we caught Snoop Dogg‘s Reincarnated documentary on Netflix and it had us thinking. As interesting as it was watching Uncle Snoop turn happy-go-lucky, hippie, all positive everything Calvin Broadus on us, the part that struck us the most was him talking about Nate Dogg at his funeral. We wanted to shed a thug tear for Nate at that point. It was such a real moment.

Especially since we grew up with his music and hooks, throughout the course of our best years in life. Our youth. Nate Dogg played such a pivotal role in our musical lives, it touched us to hear Snoop speak on someone he grew up with.

So we dug deep into his catalog. We pulled up all of his best features. We traveled into the black hole of our younger memories (we half-remember) and sang some of Nate Dogg’s best hooks to date word-for-word again. And it’s not all features on Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Dr. Dre songs, either. Yeah, they have verses on a bulk of what we heard, but Nate Dogg branched out to other regions in the U.S. throughout his career.

So today, we bring you the best of the best. Every track Nate Dogg was featured in that we felt like had some meaning. Every track we felt like, was timeless. Follow us and skip down memory lane. East Coast, West Coast — we got you.

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