Ray Lavender Discusses Starring As Sam Cooke Upcoming Biography Film

Singer / Songwriter / Actor Ray Lavender was the next artist featured on the “ThisIs50” interview series with Young Jack Thriller. In the clip above, Ray speaks on getting the lead role for the upcoming “Sam Cooke” film which he went into detail about a screen-writer randomly asking him to audition for the role. Ray did a quick performance for “Change Gon’ Come” with real actors auditioning too. Before he left the set and made it his car, he received a call telling him to be back on set the following day for the role of Sam Cooke.

Jack brought up Ray’s single We Loveand asked about the songs success being on the 106 and Park countdown for 15 weeks. He was asked to headline the 2012 BET College Tour with the song being a fan favorite as he closed out speaking on his new single Down out now on iTunes.

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