Lights Off: Baby Making Music For The Bedroom

Please, and thank you.

We’ve been wondering where the baby music has been lately. We’ve heard some stuff drop here and there, but we remember cooking up mixes every month at the rate R&B was popping off back in the good days. They just don’t make R&B like they used to.

That is until we heard Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream (it dropped this past week). Yeah, Trey Songz and Usher can still hold the crown when it comes to baby making songs at times, but you know the game now: Make an international club banger and who cares about smooth R&B when the world wants to party. Who has time to seduce these hoes?

But that’s why we’re making this for you, ladies. Because you still love hanging on to the dear hope of being courted by a decent young fella. A guy that can still light a candle and not manhandle you like a one night stand, but rather an actual female with feelings.

You just want to take it nice and slow.

Luckily for you, we’ve got the recipe. Back-to-back fire from the baby making music department. We must admit, not all of these songs are the fairy tales of your imagination. This isn’t the Boyz II Men “I’ll Make Love To You” hour. This is 2012.

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