A Look Back At The Peak Of “Mixtape Weezy”


It is no secret that Lil Wayne had one of the greatest runs in hip-hop history when he became “mixtape Weezy.” That run featured countless guest appearances and mixtape cuts that will live on throughout his legacy. We literally saw Wayne go from just another popular rapper to a full blown superstar through these years. Weezy constantly fed the streets with music like we’d never seen before and he was doing it on a consistent basis, attacking every track with fire bars.

During this, time the hip-hop community saw just how powerful a mixtape could take a rapper in building a worldwide audience. Around this time, Wayne utilized it to his full advantage, releasing two classic tapes (see: Da Drought 3 Dedication 2 with DJ Drama) and not only did Wayne have these official mixtapes in the fans rotation, but he also suffered a number of leaked songs that were meant for his Tha Carter III album. They would actually go on to be known as the C3 Sessions.

Between these tracks over original production and his own hijacking of popular beats at the time, Weezy cemented himself in the culture and did more than enough to back up his claim as “The Best Rapper Alive.” To show our appreciation for everything Weezy F gave to the culture, we looked back at the period in hip-hop history when nobody could touch the man named Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.

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