Boardwalk Empire Season 3 [Trailer]

AHH MAN! It’s about to be that time again. Boardwalk Empire makes its return to HBO for Season 3 & there are plenty of unanswered questions. The trailer for the series (above) just leaves us asking even more, but has us EXTRA hype for what’s to come.

After shocking us for the Season 2 finale, we wonder what kind of psychological toll will come as consequence of Nucky Thompson’s decision (if any). There’s no way an act like that can possibly go “unpunished” by the universe itself, right?

Season 3 fast forwards to 1923. The game in Atlantic City has gotten a bit fierce. More violent. New enemies have been formed. As you can see by the trailer, the next season will focus on the beef between Nucky Thompson & Gyp Rosetti, a gangster who has made his name known in New York & also formed a war with Arnold Rothstein/Lucky Luciano.

The actions of Margaret in the Season 2 have also put Nucky in a bind for this Season 3, but how, is yet to be determined. What part will Richard Barrow play, now that he’s been left without his good friend and lives with Jimmy’s creepy mother and son? Don’t forget, Al Capone is still on the come up in Chicago too.

There looks like there will be plenty of bloodshed. More characters will die this season. We might have to go back and run down through the entire show in the next few weeks.

Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire starts Sunday, September 16.

Spotted at Miss Info.

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