Microsoft Surface Pro To Release In January Starting At $899

Microsoft recently revealed plans to launch the long awaited Windows 8 Pro version of Surface which will be available in January. Two models have been revealed:

  • 64GB Standalone Version At $899
  • 128GB Standalone Version At $999

Both versions have the identical specifications which will “only” be an extra $100 for the doubled sized HDD. While neither will include Touch ($120) or Type ($130) Covers, you can still enjoy the you can still enjoy Intel’s new gen. Core i5 processor, its 10.6” 16:9 ClearType display running on full 1800p resolution and also the support of Pen input for all our note takers out there in the business and college world.

While Surface will run as a full PC & Tablet support all Windows 7 desktop applications and Windows 8 Pro; the battery life for this product will between four to five hours, half of the Surface RT which isn’t expected to prevent the mass consumers from purchasing this product. You can click here to check out the full list of specifications for Surface with Windows 8 Pro, as Windows RT owners can make comparisons in their decision to upgrade in a few weeks.

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