Gears Of War Judgment: “The Guts Of Gears” Multiplayer Trailer

Click image to watch Gears Of War Judgment: “The Guts Of Gears” Multiplayer Vlog video.

Epic Games has just released their newest Vlog trailer for their upcoming military science fiction third-person shooter, Gears of War Judgment. In the trailer, we get an official preview of the most important aspect in the series, the online multiplayer. With Lieutenant Damon Baird and the always noisy slightly stereotyped Augustus Coletrain (the Samuel L. Jackson of the series), we get an in-depth video preview of the new updated weapons, free for all, domination, overrun, and reward.

Prepare yourself to “thirst your guts” when the fourth installment in the franchise, Gears of War Judgment hits retail shelves on March 19th. To everybody who’s playing the recently leaked bootleg version, stay safe in them Xbox Live streets.

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