If King Joffrey Was A Rapper, He’d Be Eminem

Mama had a baby and his head popped off. Head popped off. Head popped off. Head popped off. Head popped off.

There is no denying the fact that Joffrey Baratheon is one of the most ruthless and hated villains on television. Jack Gleeson’s portrayal of King Joffrey is second to none. Throughout the four seasons of Game of Thrones, this dickhead has managed to slay, humiliate and rule with authoritarian tyranny that becomes a painful to watch at times.

He makes everyone’s life hell, eliminating those he doesn’t see fit and stand in his way. What went from an experiment to making him a puppet king, has backfired for Cersei and Tywin Lannister after the power went to his head and he stopped listening to any advice from his counsel. Why would he? He’s the Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdoms. You either bow down and kiss the ring or meet the ultimate price.

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10 Things Phil Jackson Can Do To Resurrect The Knicks

Milwaukee Bucks v New York Knicks

Over the weekend, the New York Knicks were officially eliminated from 2014 playoff contention. Since winning 50+ games in the Atlantic division in 2013, the team suffered a collapse this season in comparison to their best outing in over 15 years. With Carmelo Anthony approaching his 30th birthday in a few weeks, the time window left in his prime is rapidly approaching.

After years of being rumored to rejoin the Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson dismissed those ideas after signing a five-year, $60 million dollar contract on March 18th to officially become the new President of basketball operations for the Knickerbockers. This effectively eliminated rumors of a potential run at coaching once again, citing his bad knees as a hindrance to his return. With Carmelo Anthony’s free agency now underway, Phil will have to act fast in making the right moves to not only accommodate his star, but fans of the organization.

From the outside looking in, many may think Phil is under pressure, but given his history in the league, we all know it won’t be a one-year turnaround if he’s making smart decisions. Now that Knicks have officially lost, we’ve taken time to analyze a few things the Zen Master can do not only this summer, but heading forward to repair New York.

Can Phil can be successful in the rotten apple?

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What You May Have Missed At Weekend One of Coachella 2014

Coachella 2014

The first weekend of 2014’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is finally over. The 3-day event really felt longer due to so much happening in a short time, but soon would become a blur. Luckily for those of you who were out of commission enjoying your weekend, we’ve put together a nice round-up of the most important things and performances over the last 72-hours, including the long-awaited OutKast reunion, music premieres and special guest appearances from literally the biggest names in music at the moment. Some of this stuff came out of left field, but it set the bar for Coachella heading out the first weekend. We’re sure fans in attendance were very pleased.

The Empire Polo Club in Indio, California will be seeing a 4-day rest period before folks pack Inland Empire once more this Friday for another 3-day weekend fans will never forget. Continue below to see what you missed in the week one festivities.

OS REWIND: 2014 Coachella Live Stream
OS REWIND: Coachella Festival 2014 Airing Live on AXS TV
OS REWIND: The Official Coachella 2014 Lineup

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Happy Birthday Q-Tip!


When looking back at some of the most influential hip-hop artists down the years, Q-Tip is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of our generation. Although his work as a solo artist may not be awarded as much as the prominence of A Tribe Called Quest, the New York artist’s work as a rapper, producer and DJ on a solo front has continued to push boundaries throughout the 2000s until now, and provided inspiration for rising musicians in his own city and across the world. 2014 saw somewhat of a resurgence for Kamaal after reuniting with Busta Rhymes, with his The Last Zulu LP in sight and hopefully further collaborations as part of G.O.O.D. Music.

In celebration of his birthday today, we took a step away from his work with the tribe to focus on his solo material. From three studio albums to working with the likes of Common, Mobb Deep, The Roots and Mos Def, we reflect on just a small fraction of his personal catalog.

Happy birthday Q-Tip!

OS REWIND: Nas & Q-Tip Perform “One Love” On The Tonight Show
OS REWIND: Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill To Work With Q-Tip On Hip-Hop Drama Series

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One on One With Metro Boomin

Metro_Boomin_Cam_Kirk-01-1Photo: Cam Kirk

The producer game is one that is just as dynamic and ever-changing as anything else in hip-hop. For a while now, one name that has stood out on the frontline is Metro Boomin. Originally from St. Louis, Metro has become one of the go-to producers on the hip-hop scene and grown to be one of the best young producers in the industry thanks to his trunk rattling sounds. He put a stamp on the game in his own way when he dropped his highly-acclaimed mixtape 19 & Boomin last year and showed that he has what it takes to be in the business for a very long time.

We were lucky enough to chat with Metro recently and got to speak with him about everything going on in his life. He spoke on producing Future‘s single, “I Won,” featuring Kanye West, getting a nod on YG’s album, My Krazy Life, his experience at SXSW, his goals for this upcoming year and a whole lot more.

Check out the entire interview with Metro Boomin after the jump.

OS REWIND: Metro Thuggin – The B Language
OS REWIND:Young Scooter – Disfunction (feat. Young Thug, Future & Juicy J) [prod. x Metro Boomin]

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Remembering Kurt Cobain

MTV Unplugged: Nirvana

Certain moments in time are remembered in history and the day that former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide is one of them. On this day 20 years ago, Cobain took his own life in his Seattle home, changing the music world forever. With Nirvana, Cobain ushered in a new era of music and became the face of a budding generation of grunge. This proved to be too much for him though, as he battled with drug addiction, before it finally brought him to the edge.

While the world did have Cobain, he continued to give us classic music that still resonates and continues to be revolutionary to this very day. Songs like “Smell Like Teen Spirit,” “In Bloom,” “Come As You Are,” and so many more still deserve just as much attention as they did when released over 20 years ago.

Rather than focusing on why Kurt took his own life so tragically, we have decided to lock in on the music and bring you an essential Nirvana playlist. Remember the man that was Kurt Cobain today, and forever through his incredible music.

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Who We Would Replace David Letterman With on “Late Show”


It came as a shock to everybody yesterday, when David Letterman announced his retirement. Seriously, who was expecting the news on a regular Thursday? Although the exact date of David’s departure is still unclear, the date looms near. He was quoted as early as 2015, but that could mean anywhere between January 1 to December 31. The point of the matter is, this is the beginning of the end for this era of the Late Show. 33 years will now be part of history and it’s now time for the next chapter.

While there’s been speculation of who the best candidate to replace him moving forward will be by several outlets, we racked our brain and chose some of our favorites, who would be perfect for the position. If we were Leslie Moonves as the chairman of CBS, these are the folks we’d consider for the job.

And no, Craig Ferguson isn’t one of them.

It pretty much came down to who could carry the torch for the next generation and actually be able to compete against the Jimmys in the immediate future. If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to voice them in the comments.

OS REWIND: David Letterman Retiring From The Late Show In 2015

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NCAA Final Four: Key Players


The Final Four is about to get underway this weekend, and there is no lack of star power. Tomorrow we will see UConn take battle against Florida and in the night cap, Kentucky will battle Wisconsin. Every year the Final Four has star caliber players, but this year we will see A+ talent on the court in front of the sports world more than previous others.

We have decided to do a full breakdown of the key player for each team in the Final Four to get you better acquainted with the stars on the court heading into tomorrow’s games. Before you lock into Final Four mode this weekend, take a gander at the players that you have to keep an eye on in each matchup. Plus, this is a small preview of what to expect at the 2014 NBA Draft.

OS REWIND: The 2014 Final Four Is Set!

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The Essential Sam Smith Collection


RELATED: 5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Sam Smith

Just yesterday, we were giving you reasons why you should be a fan of Sam Smith, but it’s always easier when you can actually listen to the music. Accompanying our feature, here is 40 minutes of back to back tunes from the man himself to get you better acquainted with his sound and ready for his upcoming In The Lonely Hour album.

From the feel-good tracks to the emotionally driven ballads, dance numbers and acoustic renditions, we got you. If you remember correct, he even had a Harry Fraud remix. So vibe out with our own collection of Sam Smith songs below.

OS REWIND: Sam Smith Takes Over The “Saturday Night Live” Stage

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5 Reasons You Should Be Listening To Sam Smith

Photo: 3FM Serious Radio

You may have heard or seen people chattering about Sam Smith a bit more than usual the past few days. That may have been in part because of his show-stopping appearance on Saturday Night Live. Those folks were probably asking questions like “who the fuck is this guy?” after being blown away by his live renditions of “Lay Me Down” and “Stay With Me.” We can’t blame them. Sam is an incredible talent.

If you visit OnSMASH, you were probably the person to clear things up for those people in the dark, putting them on to a few of their videos and songs. We’ve kept you very up to date with his music over the past year. Unless you happen to be the type that skipped over his music and is now scrambling to catch up because you slept.

To those people, we say keep scrambling like Randall Cunningham after the pocket collapsed. To everyone else, peep game to this shit right here.

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Never Forget: Tha Eastsidaz


First off, we want to send a shout out to Tray Dee. The big homie has been locked for the last 10 years and comes home in about three weeks on April 19.

We hope you haven’t forgotten about Tha Eastsidaz, because we haven’t. We actually bought their albums in the early 2000′s and find ourselves going back to their music when we’re trying to ride out to some good West Coast shit. Goldie Loc, Tray Dee and Snoop Dogg made a great team for two solid efforts that had incredible production. That wasn’t the best part, though. Loc and Dee were from beefing neighborhood sets in Los Angeles and put the banging aside for the love of Rap music.

The product: the platinum Snoop Presents Tha Eastsidaz and gold certified Duces & Trayz: The Old Fashioned Way albums, carried by singles like “G’d Up” and “I Luv It” and “Got Beef.” Not to mention the Snoop Dogg smash “Lay Low.”

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Things To Watch For During NCAA Conference Championship Weekend


It’s March, so you know crazy college basketball action is on the horizon. Before the NCAA tournament gets underway next week, we are here to breakdown the extremely exciting conference tournaments this weekend. The next few days is the last audition tape for any teams on the bubble, and teams to trying to improve their seeding for the NCAA tournament. With all that on the line, you already know that squads are going to leave it all out there on the court for a chance at the title.

We don’t know what you had planned this weekend, but if it entailed watching college basketball non-stop, we got you covered on everything you need to check for. From a full list of all the bubble teams from each conference, to a breakdown of the conference tournament schedules. We got it all, so make sure you check back often.

OS REWIND: Top 5 Players To Watch In College Basketball This Season

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Digital vs. Physical: A Look Into The Future Of Gaming


One of the biggest elephants in the room for gaming during recent years, has been digital vs. physical purchasing battle. Sony was first to incorporate the digital addition on the PlayStation 3, with Microsoft fully committing to digital for Xbox One and Nintendo using their eShop for retail; in comparison to previously classic re-releases.

More gamers are starting to pre-load games 24 hours prior to a release in comparison to having dealing with fellow thirsty shoppers and most of all, slow checkout line clerks at various retailers when games drop. It’s majorly convenient during our console sessions in party chats to instantly switch to the next game our friends are playing without having to keep exchanging discs.

Physical media still holds weight in the gaming community, especially when sharing title with friends, but most importantly re-selling games back to stores. While the transition has been taking a little longer than some want, the digital wave could potentially be nearing sooner than we think. We’ve took time analyze the future of gaming past the life-cycle of current-generation consoles and looking ahead to a digital takeover.

What do you think of the debate and future of gaming consoles?

OS REWIND: Microsoft To Premiere DirectX 12 On March 20th
OS REWIND: Sony Introduces New PlayStation Vita Slim
OS REWIND: Xbox One March Update Now Available

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NFL Free Agent Tracker


The NFL truly never stops. Today, the official new calendar year of the NFL got underway and so did the exciting time known as free agency. As of 4 EST today teams were allowed to officially sign free agents and begin to piece together their teams for the 2014 season. This of course brought an immense amount of drama to the table, because big name players were up for grabs by other teams. Along with draft day, free agency is so vital for teams because they get to fill holes with specific NFL players that they have targeted and have already proven themselves in the league.

This can be such a hectic time with rumors swirling everywhere and deals going down left and right, but we figured we would simplify it for you and lay out every move that gets made, including all trades (which there could be of some major names during this period). So if you’re looking for every deal your favorite team made during NFL free agency, no need to look any farther than right here.

OS REWIND: A Look Into CBS’s “Thursday Night Football” Deal
OS REWIND: A Look Into The 2014 NFL Combine

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True Detective: Words Of Wisdom From Rust Cohle


The first season of True Detective is over. After eight intense episodes, the journey of Martin Hart and Rust Cohle has finally come to an end, following twisted plots and unexpected occurrences along the way. The 17-year investigation of the Louisiana serial killer has left viewers in awe throughout each week of airing on HBO, and not to mention the fantastic use of coinciding cinematography and cast.

Unfortunately, when the second season makes its way to television screens, Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey will no longer be involved, as well as director Cary Joji Fukunaga not making the all-important return. Although we have faith in creator Nic Pizzolatto, the anthology series might not ever be the same. McConaughey’s role as Cohle has been an undeniable highlight, and we’ve decided to choose some of his many memorable lines from the show. Rust’s mindset may be hard to digest at times, but there’s a genius to his thought process, deep within.

So long Rust Cohle, it’s been real.

OS REWIND: “True Detective” Intro If It Was “Law & Order”
OS REWIND: “True Detective” Director Will Not Return For Season 2

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