Yankees Mariano Rivera Tears ACL, Out The Season

Oh No Mo.

New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera tore his ACL in his left knee and could potentially be done for his career. The incident happened Thursday afternoon when he was shagging fly balls during batting practice before their game with the Kansas City Royal. Royals doctors immediately diagnosed Mariano with a torn ACL after an MRI test was done. Rivera now 42, is headed back to New York for more test Friday morning, but will most likely miss the remainder of the season and his career is in jeopardy.

Yankees have lost 3 games in a row and are currently 4 and half games out of the AL east top seed. Without their only closer of the past 2 decades, Yankees skipper Joe Giradi will most likely look to relief pitcher David Robertson to take over reigns as the new closer. Rivera currently holds the record for most saves ever by an MLB player with 608 and an ERA of 2.21. If this is it for Mariano, he’s had an illustrious career holding the all-time saves record and will absolutely be a first ballot hall of fame player.

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