Highlight Of The Night: Redskins Win NFC East & Eliminate Cowboys From Playoff Contention

Alfred Morris Carries The Redskins To Playoffs, Literally With 200 Yards.

For the last game of the 2012 regular season and the game of the week, featured an NFC East winner take all matchup with the Dallas Cowboys traveling to play the Washington Redskins. With the Super Bowl defending champion New York Giants eliminated from playoff contention with a Chicago Bears win earlier today. So both teams along with the rest of the NFL world would watch this loser take all game at the nation’s capital.

Tony Romo would start the game with back to back picks as we would see the first score of the game in the 2nd quarter with a Romo pass to Jason Witten. Alfred Morris would answer right back on the next ensuing Redskins possession with a 17-yard TD run as they wouldn’t look back anymore for season. RG3 would follow up with a big 10-yard TD run of his own late in the third quarter to give the Skins their first lead of the night. Although he wasn’t “looking himself,” RG3 still had the heroics to come through for his team when they needed him most as he was limited in his run-game due to his knee injury.

In the 4th quarter, Dan Bailey would chip in a 48-yard FG to bring Dallas to within four points but Alfred Morris would answer back with a 32-yard run to set the Redskins up in a comfortable position taking some pressure off the defense to finish the game. After a follow-up quick 3 and out from Washington, the Cowboys would set themselves up at the 16 yard line on Dwayne Harris 39-yard return. Romo would capitalize with a quick TD pass to Kevin Ogletree from 10-yards out as he would connect with Dwayne Harris for a two-point conversion to bring them within a FG at 21-18.

Dallas would recover the ball for one last shot as they forced a punt to Washington but Tony Romo would ultimately give up the season with his third interception of the game as the Skins would take over the Cowboys 25. Alfred Morris would cap off the game with a 1-yard TD run for his third of the game with a minute left to win the game and the NFC East for Washington.

The Redskins now get the week to prepare for the Seattle Seahawks who are definitely not going to be a pushover next Sunday afternoon. RG3 who looked limited and a shell of his normal play tonight will have to get ready for arguably the best defense in the NFC. The Cowboys and the Giants weren’t expected to miss the playoffs along with the Eagles but the NFL is always known to be the most unpredictable sports in the world. All three teams who were the favorites to win the division must now look at the off-season to get better.