First Take Discusses Floyd Mayweather’s Comments On Manny Pacquiao

Earlier today at the famous ESPN 2 debate table we all love called “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith & Skip Bayless took a brief portion out of the show to focus on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s recent comments regarding Manny Pacquiao’s loss two weeks ago. Mayweather recently said that the knockout Pacman suffered against Juan Manuel Marquez doesn’t affect his legacy stating “My legacy is defined by what I do in my career.”

Floyd had been criticized recently for not wanting to fight Pacquiao, but now after the recent knockout Manny suffered; he’s not under pressure anymore. Watch this clip as the two sports writers debate whether the fight of the century still holds significance.

You can look out for the imminent announcement from Floyd in his decision to fight Canelo Alvarez or Robert Guerrero on May 4th.

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