Donovan McNabb Speaks On San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Controversy

Last night on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” future hall of famer QB, Donovan McNabb was the special guest of the week as he spoke on the biggest story currently in the NFL which he’s familiar with from his past experiences in recent, QB Controversy. The San Francisco 49ers have turned to second-year QB Colin Kaepernick as they’ve officially made him the starter taking the job from Alex Smith. Here along with everyone’s favorite free agent Drew Rosenhaus, we also get insight on the situation from Jim Jones and Kevin Frazier as well to break down the on-going situation up in Frisco which has quietly turned the locker-room into two sides in support for each back.

In the past Alex Smith has been known to shy away from throwing deep ball passes in order to not make any mistakes causing his team to lose but that’s only hindered them from reaching their maximum potential having wideouts such as Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree AND Randy Moss. In Kaepernick’s first two starts, he’s already surpassed Smith’s throwing ability converting the 49ers longest completion of the year last weekend.

This comes as no shock to me as the 49ers weren’t sold on Alex Smith last summer when they waited on Peyton Manning to decide which team he wanted to play for during free agency then re-signing Alex Smith to a 3-year deal worth $33M with nearly $17M guaranteed. In my opinion, with Kaepernick starting, the 49ers now have a legitimate shot in the NFC with a confident QB as Alex Smith will have to look on from the sideline making those millions for free.