Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens & Sammy Sosa Denied 2013 H.O.F. Entry

Cooperstown Remains Quiet In 2013 As No Players Elected For The First Time In 17 Years.

Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa highlighted the 2013 Hall of Fame voting class; as for the first time since 1996, no players were elected to Cooperstown this year. This comes as no surprise as the MLB all-time home-run king, Barry Bonds only had 36.2% of voting needed 75 to be elected as he finished 9th out of 18 in voting. Clemens was not too far away with 36.2% while the “bloody sock man” himself, Curt Schilling was at 38.8 percent. With recent suspicions circulating the sports surrounding performance enhancement drug (steroids) use from its former stars in their prime years, voters shied away from inducting any of these first time inductees.

Mr. Kenny Fucking Powers himself, Roger Clemens took to the twitter world to state “After what has been written and said over the last few years, I’m not overly surprised,” and thanked all of his fans and supporters for acknowledging him over the years.

Barry Bonds, who was the league’s only 7-time MVP including having the single-season HR record in stone at 73 since 2001 had his agent Jeff Borrris state “It is unimaginable that the best player to ever play the game would not be a unanimous first-ballot selection.”

In the clip above, sitting in his sports memorabilia room surrounded by his career achievements (subliminally making a 2014 Hall of Fame pitch), Curt Schilling discusses his thoughts on why he and other players who were accused of P.E.D.’s didn’t make it to Cooperstown.

Players who didn’t make the Hall of Fame have 14 more years after their initial induction year to reach baseball’s highest honor. Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine will head the 2014 class as the three will more than likely get the nod with Mike Mussina, Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez also in the running’s next year as well.

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