YO!: The Story of YO! MTV Raps [Documentary]

We didn’t catch this show last night on VH1 and forgot to DVR too, so we’re kind of pissed at ourselves for missing it, but thank God for the Internet. At this point, any documentary coming out of the VH1 is a must see, and The Story Of YO! MTV Raps looks like a must watch after a the previews that have been floating around the past week.

Watching Dr. Dre & Ed Lover on this week’s special edition of MTV RapFix Live was a great moment in hip-hop for 2012 as well. It’s always good to go back & check out what paved the way for some of us & hopefully puts the young’n's on to a some of the history of this hip-hop shit. You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.

Peep the full VH1 Rock Doc after the jump. You know we’ll be watching as well.