Written In The Stars: Examining Where Lupe Fiasco’s Erratic Behavior May Stem From

31 years ago today, Wasalu “Lupe” Jaco was born. Talent notwithstanding, the Chicago rapper is often accused of being too outspoken and having tantrums, and his volatile behavior has undoubtedly affected his once-budding career and public perception. But where does this shit come from?

According to astrology, the birth chart – a visual representation of the positioning of the sun, moon and other planetary objects at the time and geographical location of a person’s birth – can often provide a road map for personality, and our boy Wasalu has a very interesting chart, y’all. Whether or not you believe astrological findings to be realistic, the following top-line information is definitely eye opening. Having studied astrology in college, it’s become a hobby to evaluate birth charts of both friends and celebrities, and I invite you to explore these still-relevant ancient concepts. Keep nature/nurture in mind, though – it would be irresponsible to not mention that the MC’s upbringing and life experiences also impact who he his today as well.

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