What Happened To Over 2 Billion Views From Universal & Sony’s YouTube Channels?

Over 2 billion views vanished from YouTube counts last night, those coming from channels belonging to Universal Music, Sony, RCA, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Chris Brown TV and more. The news came, as it was widely assumed by many to be a crack down on “black hat” tricks by labels, to run up counts on videos.

According to Billboard, the views were lost for a variety of reasons. For one, YouTube has recently changed their policy on view counts, eliminating a view for a video playing through a playlist, not manually generated by the viewer.

The transition of certain videos to VEVO has also caused certain channels to contain “dead videos” (videos that have been taken down but link is still active through the channel), which account for the loss in remaining video views from their respective channels.

Although YouTube and label execs claim everything is legit, the fact of the matter is, YouTube continues deleting videos using “black-hat” and bot-generated tricks.

Moral of the story: Don’t fake the funk, ladies and gentlemen.