Waka Flocka Flame On NBC NiteCap With Peter Bailey

BSM’s Waka Flocka Flame was the next artist featured on NBC’s “NiteCap” with Peter Bailey. The two backstage at Revolution Live discuss Flocka receiving a bad rep for rapping about the environment he was forced to grow up and shedding light on situations kids go through in the urban community. Waka speaks on the balance in his music with describing his music as verbal raging expressing his anger without promoting violence or doing any physical crime.

The two then discuss Obama’s re-election and how he would like to see more tax money given to “everyday” jobs and make tax deductions increase for the lower and middle class. Waka discusses what he would be doing if he wasn’t rapping including seeing himself as a future “Jay-Z” or “Ted Turner.”

The clip concludes with the two speaking on ATL’s Alley Boy and Trouble and Flocka’s fondness for the young rappers and also speaks on the media’s portrayal of Chief Keef seeing a younger version of him in Keef. Waka touches on seeing a 17-year old kid, from the murder capital made into a mockery as he wants to give help to the young rappers coming up. Watch his interview on NBC Nitecap in the video above.

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