The Roots: 20 Years

When thinking of The Roots in 2013, many will associate their brand with television show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. On the opposite hand, others will remember the importance of their music over the past 20 years, with only thankful remarks to say in terms of influencing their lives and those around them.

Whether you’ve been a fan since the very beginning or learned about their music across their remarkable journey, there’s definitely a strong influence in today’s music, even if it’s not always completely evident. Not only that, but the band are still creating the same quality of music even to this very day.

There are very few acts that can be spoken of in such a positive way, so we’ve decided to put together a bunch of singles from each of their albums over their time in the industry. Some tracks may be better known than others, but our aim is to provide a flashback of their stunning 20-year long career, which is arguably a story that can be admired by all.

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