The 10 Most Ignorant Records Out Now

Ignorance. Goddammit, we love it.

What’s better than getting ratchet and indulging in shit you’re going to regret the next day, after that nap you call a good night’s sleep? Every ounce of pain in that hangover, using the toilet as your pillow, is worth the stories that came from the night before. Right?

And with every irrational decision that occurs in life, certain songs will coincide with specific moments in time (“We in the time of our lives, baby!” (c) Jay-Z on “Primetime“). So to those getting shit turnt up r i g h t now, we bring you the soundtrack.

Just Project X this shit.

Note: If we missed any records, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE YOUR RATCHET PICKS, so we can add it to ours and have a grand ‘ol ignorant time.

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