T.I. – Trap Back Jumpin

Producer: DJ Toomp
Album: Trouble Man
Label: Grand Hustle / Atlantic Records
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trap-back-jumpin-single/id576651538


Remember when T.I. got out of jail and said that Atlanta needed to get back on top of the rap game? He must have gone into the lab that day and recorded this because this is the TIP we’ve been missing. After a few lacklusters singles, we were really expecting to be disappointed by this latest Clifford effort. Boy, were we wrong.

If we start Trouble Man at “Go Get It” (just act like “Love This Life” didn’t exist) The Kang is looking in mighty good shape right now. Do remember, T.I. said he recorded over 70 songs for the album. We’d appreciate more records like this TIP. BANKHEAD!!!

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