OS Flashback: T.R.U. – I Always Feel Like… (feat. Mia X)

You know what we were doing back in 1997? Blasting a lot of the No Limit Records catalog. One of the albums we had on repeat was T.R.U.’s (Master P, Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder) second major label effort, T.R.U. 2 Da Game. Their lead single from there didn’t feature C-Murder, but to make up for it, Mia X came in and bodied her verse to end the track.

“I Always Feel Like…” ended up being their most successful song from the album, even if didn’t chart too well at the time of release. Either way, it ended up being an underground classic, solidifying No Limit’s reign in New Orleans and the South in general.

Cuz T.R.U. Soldiers Don’t Die, We Multiply. UUGHHH!!!

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