MellowHype “A Day In The Life”

Click image to watch MellowHype “A Day In The Life” music video.

Two weeks ago, we were previewed with a trailer for A Day In The Life Of MellowHype as today we’re granted full access for our viewing pleasure. In the their hometown of Los Angeles, we’re shown what happens when they’re not in the public eye with their fellow Golf Wang cohorts showcasing their “normal days.”

In this video, we get a glimpse of Higashi and the Brian’s daily routines as the two enjoy that California life we love as well visiting a local Soul Food restaurant in Inglewood after they leave Left Brain’s crib spitting a quick freestyle. Then, to no avail or surprise if you know these two musically, they stop at a “confidential” dispensary to get MellowHigh. Enjoy this 8-minute “Day In The Life” video directed by R&R productions.

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R&R Productions followed Odd Futures ‘MellowHype’ (Left Brain and Hodgy Beats) around for a chilled day. We start of at Left Brain’s house , he makes a beat and Hodgy freestyles to it , after that we visit a Soul Food joint in Inglewood, then go hit up Confidential Dispensary for some Dabbing.