Justin Timberlake “I’m Ready” (Teaser)

Click image to watch Justin Timberlake “I’m Ready” teaser

It’s been a long wait for a new release from Justin Timberlake, reaching nearly seven years to be exact. Just when we thought music was one of the last duties in his busy schedule, Justin seems to have many tricks left up his sleeve. It’s time for the singer/songwriter to be considered back where he belongs, after announcing that he’s finally “ready” to step foot in the studio again. As loyal Timberlake fans will know, he isn’t the type of artist to put out anything and everything. With production set to be provided courtesy of long-time collaborator Timbaland, we hope to be reminded that nothing’s changed after the many years of absence. Check back for his brand new single, set to surface in three days.

Directed by John Urbano.

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Justin Timberlake gives us a teaser considering his plans for forthcoming