Happy Birthday Max B!

Photo Credit: Alexander Richter

If Biggie, Jigga and Makaveli all formed one collective; we would get the Wavy formula of Max Biggavelli. Some would think that’s one of most blasphemous and cockiest things to say for an unsigned artist or a cat fresh into the game, but Max B was putting out mixtapes and compilations better than most rappers discographies. Obtaining co-signs from the kid 50 Cent and most recently, last year with Jay-Z on 3 Kings,” Max B was every street cat’s favorite rapper and had an even bigger fan base with the ladies.

In his 2008-2009 run, Max B was essentially the King of NY in the underground scene and could’ve been mainstream if certain events didn’t take place legally or contractually. His music still lives in some of our favorite rappers melodies and music stylings of today. From the wave and his originality making himself standout from different artist, we witnessed history with the Sliver Surfer.

Max B turns 35 years of age today and is still behind the G-wall, continuing to fight for his life after receiving a maximum sentence of 75 years (with parole set for 2042). While he’s trying to regain his freedom through the appeal systems, we’re taking a moment to spread positivity through a playlist. Max put a lot of smiles on people’s faces in their worst of times, so it’s only right we return the favor.

In 2007, we were one of the first blogs on the Wave and in our throwback interview, we shot Max at the old Dipset Compound on Lenox. We forgot the exact project building because we’re not Uptown cats, but shout outs to Duke Da God for making that happen.

You can hit the jump to listen to some classics from the Boss Don, Max Biggaveli.

Max B Interview (OnSMASH Throwback)

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