Downton Diddy (Funny Or Die Sketch)

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 11.21.12 AMClick image to watch Diddy’s “Downton Abbey” Funny Or Die sketch

So Diddy pulled an epic troll on the world yesterday. There was mass hysteria when Sean Combs tweeted that he would be joining the cast of PBS’ highly popular show Downton Abbey. However soon after executives from the show refuted the claim, causing extreme confusion.

Well it looks like Diddy did join the show…. sort of. In this brand new “Funny Or Die” sketch Diddy has placed himself into different scenes from the show. You don’t even really need to ask if they are hilarious or not, because we all know that Diddy doesn’t do anything that isn’t hysterical.

Check out the awesome clip of Diddy’s version of Downton Abbey after the jump.

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