C Plus – Still Out Here [Mixtape]

Not only did C Plus release his video to “Yeah!” today, but it also marked the release of his new mixtape Still Out Here. The 19-track project features original tracks from the Sacramento native, with almost no guest features, but production from Cardo, Chase Moore and Hippie Sabotage. This is how he will wrap up 2012, as C Plus gets ready to drop his project with Ski Beats next year and another album beyond that.

For those still not familiar, you can get to know Plus Money and get the backstory behind this mixtape by watching “The Making Of American Noire” video.

01. Thank You
02. All Nighter
03. Highs & Lows
04. Do It Up
05. Used To Know
06. Run It
07. Back & Forth
08. Do You Feel Me?
09. Never Running Away
10. Yeah! [Watch Video]
11. Study It
12. Got Her Open
13. American Noire
14. Sucka Free (feat. eMex)
15. Express Way
16. Going For The Gusto
17. Always
18. When I Land
19. Do What You Want (Remix)