Baby Making R&B Music Pt. 2 (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Photo: Emiliano Marquez

It seems like we’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day all month, stepping up our R&B game all the way up and taking it back to the essence. Last week brought you part 1 of our Baby Making R&B Music series, so we continue with it on the perfect day.

Part 1 consisted of more underground gems that you may have forgotten about, but today’s edition are more essential for the lovers. It’s the day of love, so it only makes sense we’d throw in classics and more known baby making jams, to get the mood right for tonight. We’re talking about R. Kelly, Jodeci, Adina Howard, Avant, H-Town, Joe and more.

If you’re with a shorty tonight, we made it easier for you to seal the deal.

Get those rose petals on the floor, the wine poured, candles lit and prepare for a night of fireworks. Listen to our Valentine’s Day Edition of baby making R&B below.

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