B-Real Discusses Early Life, Keys To Success & Upcoming Cypress Hill Projects

B-Real the “Buddha Master” of the highly hip-hop influential group Cypress Hill was featured for Montreality’s interview series. Here, the B discusses being a student that loved poetry when he was in school and working for his father but would quickly fall into the wrong crowd hustling on the streets.

After getting shot in 1988, he would eventually link up with his South Gate family to form with the first Cuban/Latino hip-hop group Cypress Hill as he would reveal what he did with his first big paycheck with his friends. B proceeded to talk about keeping longevity to stay successful not having one single goal in mind.

He then spilled the beans on the next upcoming Cypress Hill album which is currently in the works after the group is done touring with plans of a solo mixtape definitely coming out soon. He went on to listen Eminem, KRS-One, Busta Rhymes and Hov as the artist he’d like to collaborate with.

B closes the interview out with speaking on the first time they met D-12 and bonding with the Em and 12 at the Anger Management tour in Europe which he went to speak on the relationship he had with the late Big Proof.

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