Artists We Want To See Collaborate With Justin Timberlake In 2013

Yesterday, Justin Timberlake pulled the pump fake on everyone in music, gassing fans (with the help of speculation) that his new single with Jay-Z would be dropping soon. The news came from out of nowhere, so it was only right that folks came out of the woodworks to champion the yet-to-be released single. All for a video teaser.

Lucky for us, we only have to wait three more days for the track, but it still got us thinking of that the album may have on the way. It’s clear that Justin has been meticulously planning this for months now, so what could he have in store? As far as we know, only a Jay-Z feature, but we’re hoping for a nice cast to show up for his third album.

Of course, we don’t want JT to water down the game and jump on every track imaginable, or collaborate with every artist under the moon like Lil Wayne in his Drought days.

But if it was up to us, we’d holla at some of these artists.

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