Allen Hughes Discusses “Menace II Society” 20th Anniversary & Tupac Shakur

American film director / producer / screenwriter, Allen Hughes of the Hughes brothers was the next guest to visit “Sway In The Morning” on Shade 45. One of the most influential urban movies of all time, Menace II Society turns twenty this year as the co-director Allen Hughes spoke on the creative process behind the movie going through different audition tapes of O-dog which they initially wanted a generic “buff” male for the role but would pick Larenz Tate based on how well he played the character.

Sway jumps into asking Allen Hughes how he met Tupac not being from Oakland which Hughes said the two met in a bathroom stall in Oakland at a Waffle House the day before Raw Fushion’s “Rockin’ To The P.M.” At the time nobody knew who Pac was as the two were using the restroom at the same time where Pac wanted them to do his first music video “Brenda’s Got A Baby.” Stay tuned for the second part of the interview where Hughes touches on their relationship falling apart.

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