Aaliyah Gems That Were Never Singles

ca. 2001 --- Aaliyah --- Image by ?Hype Williams/Corbis Outline

Losing such a beautiful soul and voice so early in her life is still one of the biggest tragedies in music, that the world has ever seen. Aaliyah set the bar for R&B during her time in this earth and still to this day, her presence is widely felt. From features using unreleased vocals from the songstress, possible posthumous albums, to Drake’s tattoos (we kid), Aaliyah was truly one of a kind. While many knew her from her tracks that dominated charts left and right, as well as plenty of movie soundtrack singles, her catalog as a whole reached legendary status in a very short amount of time.

While she wasn’t one that was slept on, Aaliyah made so many great songs it was almost impossible to listen to them all because you had so many that stayed on repeat. Today, we decided to help you out a bit and picked our favorite Aaliyah songs that never made the cut to be singles, but could’ve made the same impact if they were. Let us know if we missed any in the comments section and tell us which was your favorite Aaliyah songs that should’ve been singles! You know there were a handful of them.

One time for one of our favorite R&B songbirds. We miss you, Aaliyah!

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