A Salute To No Limit Records

No Limit Records had a major part in our early musical life. The OG’s would always ride around to that classic Master P, introducing us to the Miller brothers, and quickly putting us on to the rest of the crew. From there, we starting digging and found plenty of albums and songs from the No Limit catalog that we liked and had on regular rotation.

We can still remember those shiny, plastic cases with strange colors (Ghetto D was Syracuse orange) and peculiar covers. One thing that stands out about Master P is how he branched out to the West to collaborate with a few artists like Ice Cube, Dogg Pound, Mack 10, E-40, RBL Posse, and always showed love to UGK and Scarface.

We’ve showed love to the old No Limit records in our OS Flashback before, but now that Master P is making a comeback, we decided to pay homage to the tracks we grew up with.

Take a trip down memory lane with some classic No Limit music, after the jump.

OS Flashback: C-Murder – Down For My Niggaz (feat. Snoop Dogg & Magic)
OS Flashback: T.R.U. – I Always Feel Like… (feat. Mia X)