A Salute To… Just Blaze R&B


Over the course of his career, Just Blaze hasn’t worked with many R&B artists, but almost everything he touched was golden. Imagine if Just dedicated a year of his entire life to only producing R&B records? He would change the R&B game. (Just Blaze + Usher on a full-length LP? What if he let Charles Bradley and Miguel hold a beat? Why isn’t he on Kelly Rowland’s Year Of The Woman album? How come we haven’t heard R&B Drake over Just Blaze fire?) These are questions that, as fans, we ask ourselves every day.

With the R&B landscape thriving in 2013, we wouldn’t mind Just making a little run right now. Especially since RZA is over here making tracks with The Black Keys and James Blake. We can only imagine what JB could bring to the table for some of these talented artists out. All we can do now, is make a wish and reminisce with what he has given us.

So take a trip down memory lane and walk with the R&B side of Justin Smith.

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