Sisa: Cocaine of the Poor [Documentary]

Click image to watch Sisa documentary

With Greece on the brink of economic collapse, many of its populous is turning to new ways of escape, mainly a new drug called Sisa. With the unemployment rate at 27% and rising, many people in Athens have become addicts through more inexpensive methods, like Sisa. Sisa is a cheap version of crystal meth, cut with ingredients that include battery acid (WTF?) and engine oil. The cost to get high? A whopping 1 euro.

Information on the drug is still in its infant stages, but Vice traveled to Greece to find out. They met with the head of Greece’s anti-drug organization to clarify what Sisa was, and witnessed empty needles in the streets and its destruction, first hand. From what people who have tried the drug explain, it takes you into a state of aggression and paranoia, to the point you can kill someone and not even realize it. Most locals are scared of the drug.

With a withered economy who has cut funding to the health sector, more people are getting hooked on Sisa by the day. It’s the biggest problem for police and the government right now. Find out more about the new drug sweeping Greece, below.

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