“Rap Quotes” Takes You On A Tour Of New York, Through Classic Lyrics

Continuing with a spin-off of his “Etiquette” campaign, Jay Shells channels the history of Hip-Hop to make signs loaded with classic lyrics and started a scavenger hunt to post them at the exact locations. For example, he posted a sign at 139 St. and Lenox Ave. to quote the late Big L, and another one in Marcy, inspired by Jay-Z’s “Where I’m From.”

The journey continued through 30 specific spots in New York, to go along with lyrics from M.O.P., Mos Def, Cam’ron, Prodigy, Nas, Kanye West, Raekwon and many more.

Whether they stay up or not, this awesome project will live forever and it was done all for the love of Hip-Hop. We hope that the next time we’re out and about in New York, these signs will still be up there shedding light on the history of some of the greats.

This video might possibly be the best thing you watch all week.