Peep The Givenchy (Spring / Summer) 2013 T-Shirt Collection

French brand Givenchy gives us their (Spring / Summer) 2013 T-Shirt Collection, bringing us a variety of high quality T-shirts. Givenchy has been getting lot’s of love from hip hop community as of lately, with the recent release of the 40oz VAN Givenchy inspired snapback, and also being worn by some of raps elite from Jay-Z to Kanye, the brand is looking like the new wave in the culture.

Givenchy brings us a range of t-shirts, the Star Studded T-shirt which features the number “4″ embroidered on the sleeve, available in pink or black. The collection also features the Paisley and Plane-Print T-Shirt which consist of very unique graphic design.

The Givenchy (Spring / Summer) 2013 T-Shirt Collection is available now over at the MR PORTER online store. Check out detailed images below.

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