NYPD’s Policy of “Stop And Frisk” [Documentary]

Click image to watch NYPD’s Policy of “Stop And Frisk” documentary

One of the worst epidemics plaguing urban society in major cities across the country is not only drugs and violence within, but it’s also the harassment from some authorities in control abusing their powers. Even more in New York City going unnoticed at most times which prompted a 17-yeard old teenager living in Harlem to shed unprecedented light onto the stop-and-frisk policy being over abused.

NYPD office, Adhyl Polanco of the 41st precinct witnessed fellow officers using practices of racial profiling (ironically in urban areas) to go in hand with the unconstitutional stop-and frisks. Officer Polanco believed in joining the NYPD to help the cause of protecting innocent civilians; not tampering or harming any of them. With the precinct looking to meet their quota of “20-and-1” (20 summons and 1 arrest) every month; people are targeted every month just for the greed and corruption within some of the NYPD.

The documentary is presented by The Nation Magazine featuring the (then) 17-year old victim discussing the multiple run-ins with NYPD being falsely targeted with Polanco using audio surveillance to expose the unfair practice. Check after the jump to watch the 13-minunte video.

Directed by Ross Tuttle.

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