Get A Look Into The Life Of Paul Rodriguez

California native, Pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez has been the poster child and one of the leading faces in action-sports for quite sometime. P-rod has been involved with many major business ventures, from his franchise shoe line with Nike, to his very popular streetwear/skate boutique Primitive and more. P-rod is one of the most successful athletes in action-sports, and things are only getting better.

In the video above, take a trip with P-Rod back to his family’s personal ranch, where he spent most of his childhood summers. He shows us some of his special skate spots at the ranch, and a few hand-crafted ramps and rails that him and his cousins created. We also meet the Rodriguez family, as P-Rod surprises them with a few gifts and love.

OS REWIND: Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 4 Commercial (Narrated by Nas)