Connecting [Short Film]

Each passing day, humans integrate the use of technology into their every day lives, to the point it’s a necessity now. Through the magic of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other digital platforms, people have left a digital stamp of happenings of their real lives, on a recurring timeline. As hardware and software, as well as technology, gets more and more advanced, the two worlds are quickly merging together.

Soon enough, every aspect of our lives will require the use of devices, and technology will be found in most (if not all) parts of life. Clothes with digital sensors, your home controlled by the comfort of your smartphone, and every movement made ultimately stored in large databases for more controlled and efficient day-to-day living.

Scary and exciting all at the same time.

Explore this phenomenon through Connecting, the short film exploring “the Internet of things,” explaining our path to becoming super organisms with new behaviors.