Tomb Raider “Reimagining An Icon”

Click image to watch Tomb Raider “Reimagining An Icon” video

As one of the most anticipated games I’m looking for to this year, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are preparing the release of their biggest title of the year; the action-adventure platform video game, Tomb Raider. This marks the debut of massive online multiplayer in the Tomb Raider series which some have been skeptical of having implemented in the franchise but after gameplay impressions we’ve encountered over at e3, our excitement level for the game has never been higher than ever.

Get a behind the scenes look at the complex decisions made when reimagining one of the most prolific franchises in gaming history, Tomb Raider. Join the Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix and Xbox teams from CES as they open up about Lara Croft, multiplayer and walking the fine line of freshness and familiarity when rebooting a franchise.

Your body can get ready for next Tuesday, March 5th as Square Enix’s “Tomb Raider” hits shelves everywhere for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360.

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