Take A Look At The “Evolution of PlayStation” (The Beginning)

While the PlayStation 4’s announcement looming for next week “allegedly,” We get an exclusive look of the evolution of PlayStation gaming starting from the beginning with the original PlayStation to now with the PlayStation 3 and “B3yond!”

PlayStation’s arrival to the world of gaming signaled a change in the status quo and a sign of things to come. The original PlayStation system emerged in 1994 in Japan as a dark horse challenger, a seemingly outgunned newcomer entering a crowded field dominated by legends of the 16-bit era.

PlayStation’s advanced technology and innovative controller design won raves with critics and gamers, and in 1995, the system expanded to North America, Europe, and Australia.

Accompanied by a powerful salvo of titles including WipEout, Crash Bandicoot, and Gran Turismo, PlayStation’s rapid rise marked the end of one era of videogames and the dawn of another. The world was never the same.

Stay tuned for next week as Sony will make a major announcement Wednesday night at 6pm ET as you can join in on the conversation at #playstation2013 as well as us.playstation.com/meeting2013.

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