OS Top 5: Most Anticipated Video Games For Holiday 2012

Who doesn’t like to free the mind from the rest of this deranged world and everyday problems with gaming? I do! We’re officially entering the 4th quarter of the year as we thought it would be necessary to gravitate your attention to our top 5 video game picks for with the holiday season rapidly approaching.

This year we’ve seen some great titles but more delays from various companies to put out proper titles in 2013. PC gamers like myself have been content with playing Battlefield 3 and Diablo III for months but I had do this one for my console guys. So we’ve put together a top 5 list of the “BIG” games you should check out this upcoming holiday season.

Check after the jump to view our most anticipated games for the holiday season, what you should check out from this year and what to look forward to next year.

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