NBA Game Time & ESPN Now SmartGlass Enabled On Xbox 360

Microsoft recently added a new experience for Xbox Live users who watch sports in the evening on their favorite console with the implement of SmartGlass. Sports fans on the 360 will be able to control their own ESPN experience at the touch of your tablet or mobile device with the ability to browse through thousands of live events, highlights and replays.

On the newly packaged NBA Game Time app on 360, you’ll also have total control and access of the endless live basketball action which you can browse through highlights, game recaps and the ability to select videos you want from your device to view on your TV instantly. Users like myself who dislike the lag and/or delay using your controller when selecting different titles and programs to watch will instantly fall in love with SmartGlass as its been one of the best ways to use HBOGo and Netflix.

If you don’t know what SmartGlass is, check after the jump to watch a brief detailed walk-through video for the popular smartphone app available on all mobile platforms.

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