Grand Theft Auto V: Michael. Franklin. Trevor. [Trailer]

Click image to watch Grand Theft Auto V: Michael. Franklin. Trevor. trailer

Rockstar Games finally releases their next batch of trailers for their upcoming killer-app, Grand Theft Auto V. The game’s three main protagonist, Michael, Frank and Trevor each get trailers showcasing what we’ll be doing in beautiful Los Santos this fall.

Details on each character and the 3-in-1 trailer after the jump!

Michael is a retired gangster from the game who’s moved into the city but is having a mid-life crisis with depression and still needs the excitement of the action. Frank is gang-banger, who’s trying to leave that lifestyle behind but has a few more special missions he must complete before making that exit. Last but not least is the most intriguing out of the bunch, Trevor. He’s a lunatic drug-dealing live-wire who’s willing to do anything and everything to get his point across

GTA V hits shelves this September 20th on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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