Download The iFruit App On Your Phone For A Better Grand Theft Auto V Experience


Some of you may be too stuck in the game to realize, but Grand Theft Auto V rolled out a new app for your smartphone called iFruit a few days ago. The app goes hand in hand with the game and is supposed to make your GTAV experience a little better, by letting you trick out your ride from wherever you may be, reserve custom license plates at Los Santos Customs, as well as take care of Franklin’s dog Chop.

The benefit of doing these things is geared more towards Chop, who can help you better on missions and even find hidden packages, but only if you take care of him daily through the iFruit app. If you fail to do this, Chop will become rather useless in the game and might have you stumped in missions you may be trying to pass.

As of now, the app is experiencing some problems, but Rockstar Games is working on a patch to fix it. It’s currently only available on iOS, but will be on Android soon.

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