Conan O’Brien Reviews “Tomb Raider” On Clueless Gamer

In the latest episode of “Clueless Gamer,” Conan O’Brien who doesn’t like video games, know anything about them or even enjoy them still catered to his fans for our entertainment. Aaron Blair of Square Enix comes out to give the game a hands-on test as Conan complains “Lara Croft’s” name should be Laura Croft. The interview proceeds to get hysterically funnier with Conan watching the opening trailer for the title and making tons of sarcastic implications about the game.

Conan plays the opening mission of the game stating his attrition to Lara as he closes out the opening mission saying it must be hard for her top to come off. During the following mission on an escape down a river with dangerous tree branches around, Conan proceeds to fail the mission multiple times which he says he falls in love with her and loses her comparing it to his high school life.

This has to be our favorite “Clueless Gamer” episode by far as you can pick up Tomb Raider in stores and online everywhere next Tuesday, March 5th on PC, PS3 and 360.

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