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For his next interview of the week, RZA took time out to visit The Breakfast Club to speak on the next stages in his career. Topics included the way Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be released, working on yet another project titled A Better Tomorrow for the group’s 20th anniversary, the state of music losing value over the years, the difference between each of the two new LPs, Raekwon’s recent comments and much more.

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OS REWIND: Wu-Tang To Sell One Copy Of “The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Album

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RZA Clears Rumors On Raekwon’s Recent Wu-Tang Strike

Wu-Tang creator, RZA vents about the current state of the Shaolin collective.

Legendary Shaolin and the creator of the WU, RZA stopped by the Hot 97 Morning Show to clear up a few rumors. The interview opened up with RZA revealing 20 years ago on April 22nd being acquitted in a trial for his freedom. After dodging that prison life, he went to form the Wu-Tang Clan production company the same year to create “Protect Ya Neck”, and history was made. Before speaking out, he talked briefly on his next film Brick Mansions coming to theaters this weekend, which also co-stars the late Paul Walker. After taking time to discuss the movie’s influence from not only inner-city Detroit (where the film was recording) and Chicago, RZA took time to draw a parallel to his life coming up in the streets and referring back to his court trail.

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OS REWIND: Wu-Tang To Sell One Copy Of “The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Album

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Wu-Tang To Sell One Copy Of “The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Album


You are reading that correct. The double disc album from Wu-Tang Clan titled The Wu: Once Upon A Time In Shaolin will be available for purchase. The catch? There’s only one copy that is going to be available. A super limited edition of the album.

The handcrafted one of a kind piece will be at the hands of the buyer to do what they please with it. A sole collector may hold this artifact for his collection, a record label can buy the album to be distributed by regular channels, a good Samaritan can leak the album for fans worldwide to listen to for free. The choice is theirs.

But there’s another twist to the album’s release. It’s going on tour first.

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Waka Flocka Flame – Re-Up [Mixtape]


Waka Flocka Flame, or now Big Homie Flock, is readying his long-awaited third studio album Flockaveli 2. If you remember last Fall, he hit the streets of with his From Roaches To Rollies street album as a warm-up for what to expect in 2014. Here, we get Flocka’s official first offering in the calendar year with his new mixtape entitled Re-Up.

The project features Young Scooter, Chaz Gotti, Too Short, Giggs, Macon Hamilton; with production from 808 Mafia, Metro Boomin, and London On Da Track among others. Check after the jump for the OnSMASH stream and download link.

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Wu-Tang Clan – Y’all Been Warned (Unreleased)

Click image to watch Wu-Tang Clan – Y’all Been Warned (Unreleased)


RZA – Gift Of Hope (Nelson Mandela Tribute)



Last Thursday, former South African president Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95; which many people across the world have shown appreciation for his contributions to society, while he was here with us. One of those admirers of Mandela is the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan RZA, who took time to give him a special tribute track entitled “Gift Of Hope” with help from singer Will Wells. Listen to the track, then check after the jump for his breakdown on the tribute.

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RZA – Destiny Bends (Paul Walker Tribute)



This song, entitled “Destiny Bends” was written last night after hearing the tragic news of the loss of a good man named Paul Walker. I met Paul on the set of the film Brick Mansion, where we talked, laughed, and exchanged ideas of life and fatherhood. I only knew him personally for less than a year, but we knew each other through our work and art. We saw in each other a kindred spirit of men coming from unlikely circumstances, and rising to be the light and beacon of our family and loved ones. Men who learned the joy and pains of love in life, and success, while coming to realize that nothing is more important than family, friendship, and the brotherhood of humanity. Millions of people get to know an artist or movie star through their work, but few are allowed to cross each others’ paths and see through the veil of stardom and find the common denominator that we share. As all physical things will decay and wither away, film, art, and music remain longer than the vessel that delivered them. In this vein, the one thing we can’t take away or give back is time. So, thus, time is the most precious gift. I dedicated my time to compose this song with my two sons and new friend Will Wells, who was kind enough to sing and perform it for me. We dedicate it to Paul Walker. A good man. We had plans to continue working with each other in the future. It seemed destined, but “destiny bends”.

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RZA Clears Up Wu-Tang Clan Reunion On “The Arsenio Hall Show”

Click image to watch RZA on “The Arsenio Hall Show”

With the recent disagreement of brothers (see: RZA and Raekwon on the Wu-Tang Clan reunion), it was time to clear things up and RZA got his side of the story out on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” He was put on the spot, but still stuck behind his story that everyone in the Wu was with the reunion album, except for Raekwon. There’s no bad blood, he just wants everyone to get together and make it happen.

Aside from that, RZA also speaks on all the street knowledge he acquired growing up and how that translated to the film The Man With The Iron Fists and other artistic ventures that he’s been a part of throughout the years.

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Alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)



Not one to shy away from working with alternative UK acts (see: James Blake), RZA decides to put his production skills to perfect use with a surprising remix. Having had some of the better contributions to music in recent years, the Wu-Tang member has chosen to put his own interpretation of sound towards Alt-J‘s popular indie single, “Breezeblocks.” Although the collaboration is rather unexpected, there’s simply no denying how much we anticipated an interesting final product.

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Wu-Tang Clan – Family Reunion


With plenty of talk surrounding Wu-Tang’s 20th anniversary, it all culminated last Sunday night as they hit the stage live at Summer Jam. Now it’s time to give the people new music, and “Family Reunion” is what they’ve blessed us with. Backed by a soulful beat, the entire crew kicks it on wax like the old days. We were expecting something a little harder, but this will do for the moment. Like the outro says, “It’s Wu-Tang forever.”

Produced by RZA.

OS REWIND: Wu-Tang Clan – Execution In Autumn


Wu-Tang Clan – Execution In Autumn


We’ve been really enjoying the music release the last few months with RZA’s The Man with the Iron Fists OST, and most recently the highly-praised Ghostface concept album, Twelve Reasons to Die.” It’s crazy to think they’ve already been in the game for over two decades with the 20th anniversary of their debut album “Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers” set for this November, but the 8-man crew from Shaolin have had longevity in the game and show why they continue as legends.

Tonight, Soul Temple Music releases some unreleased Wu-Tang material out of the vault titled “Execution In Autumn.” Listen to the track above for some real hip-hop, then head over to bandcamp and purchase the single.

Produced by Frank Dukes.

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Talib Kweli – Rockets Ships (feat. Busta Rhymes)

Producer: RZA
Album: Prisoner of Conscious
Label: EMI Group Ltd. / Capitol Records


Talib Kweli’s Prisoner of Conscious has been a long-time coming with its process of completion, but we’re finally nearing the release of the BK emcee’s fifth studio album. For the latest single release for the project, we get the Busta Rhymes-featured, “Rocket Ships.”

On paper we would expect the track to sound decent but upon listening, it exceeded our expectations with the two delivering some quality rhymes over classic RZA production.

Prisoner of Conscious, which has features from Miguel, Currensy, Ryan Leslie, Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius to name a few; will be available in stores and iTunes this Tuesday, May 7th.

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James Blake – Take A Fall For Me (feat. RZA) (Live at Coachella)

Click image to watch James Blake – Take A Fall For Me (feat. RZA) (Live at Coachella)


OS Flashback: Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yourz / Older Gods

It’s Yourz, Double LP from Wu-Tang Clan! Taking it back to 1997, we can never forget the greatest talented bunch of artist of assembled across the boroughs in them New York City streets as we had to dedicate our flashback honors to Killa Bees banger “It’s Yourz / Older Gods” visual. Serving as the second single from the group’s sophomore album “Wu-Tang Forever,” this video continued the wave for the clan set from their first single “Triumph” which led to this album becoming their most successful one to date selling over 4 million copies in its first four months of release.

Although Wu-Tang hasn’t released a full length studio album in over 5 years, the B’s have been in the kitchen cooking up their sixth studio as we can expect nothing but some more classic music from the Clan. We would also recommend you checking out The Man With The Iron Fists OST serving as a brief entrée before we get the groups next project.

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Decoded: RZA “Unspoken Word” & “Protect Ya Neck”

In the next segment of Life+Times Decoded series, RZA breaks down his verses on “Unspoken Word” and the classic Wu Tang Clan “Protect Ya Neck” tracks.

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